Musée historique de Lausanne

The MHL’s exhibitions explore the multiple sides to Lausanne’s heritage. Its rich collections bear witness to the city’s cultural, economic, social and political history.

Housed in the former bishop’s palace, the MHL aims to gather, preserve, document and highlight evidence of the history of Lausanne. In this capacity, it manages over 250,000 works and objects, divided into three departments.

From the first Gallo-Roman camp to the campus of the EPFL, from the tanneries of the river Flon to the corridors of the CHUV, from the Ouchy quayside to Cité hill, and from Reform to Revolution, Lausanne has evolved over the centuries into multiple fascinating cities. Through encounters with the Lausanne residents who built this cultural and economic hotspot over two millennia, the Musée Historique de Lausanne invites visitors to explore their world and discover the objects that have formed part of their daily lives.