Musée cantonal de géologie

We are worth the visit !

The heritage of Vaud takes an unusual form in tthe exhibitions dedicated to geology at the Muséum cantonal des sciences naturelles: not only historical heritage through the writings and observations of illustrious geologists from Vaud, but also a heritage that considerably pre-dates human beings. Here, sedimentary rocks and fossilised organic remains that are several thousand or even millions of years old are conserved and studied: mammoths, dinosaurs, sharks, tortoises, shellfish, palm trees and minerals - crystals, gems, ores and meteorites, the result of the processes and enormous changes that have affected our solar system since it was formed 4.6 billion years ago. These wonders are displayed in the Museum’s exhibition rooms at the Palais de Rumine.

Guided tours, workshops for children, scientific films and meetings with scientists further enhance what we have to offer.